Do any of these activities excite you?—sailing, hiking, camping by the lake, horseback riding, or even ice fishing? The locals near Austin Lake in Portage, MI enjoy these activities every year. So if you’re thinking of buying a second property near a lake, having a home in Austin Lake, Portage, MI is your best option.

An insider tip! Did you know that Austin Lake in Portage, MI was formed after a glacier recession 10,000 years ago? This natural freshwater just south of Kalamazoo County, with a depth of 11 meters, is home to 12 fish species including bluegill, crappie, muskellunge, and yellow perch. The lake’s inflow of water that comes from Long Lake and the outflow that goes to Portage Creek keeps its waters moving—making it a famous winter fishery. During winter, locals love to sit on this frozen lake with their thermos of hot chocolate, trying to pull strings out from the icy water.

And yet, locals and tourists alike don’t just visit Austin Lake during winter. There’s a lot of activities that attract them to this lake all year round.

Why Get a Second Home in Austin Lake, Portage, MI

Having a second home near Austin Lake in Portage, MI lets you enjoy the best lake life, and here’s why.

Land Activities

So what if you’re not a fan of activities in the water? No worries! There are still a lot of things to do in Austin Lake, Portage, MI. You can go on a picnic with the family, and if you have kids, they would love the playground. There’s also horseback riding, biking, and hiking to pump that adrenaline.

Water Activities

You’ve worked hard during the week, and weekends are all about that much-needed R & R. You need some time to recharge, reset, and refocus. Recreational boating in Austin Lake, Portage, MI is just what you might need so you can have more opportunities for self-discovery. You can take your own boat or rent one—you can also go canoeing, water skiing, jet skiing, or cross-country skiing, the choice is yours!

Cool breeze + Great Food

If you’re too tired to start a fire and have some barbecue, visit Cove Lakeside Bistro. Enjoy the sunset, the cool breeze by the lake, and the great food this bistro offers—steaks, burgers, seafood, and salad. For starters, try their fried seafood basket. A must-try on their entrees are Coconut Crusted Fresh Cod and Salmon Piccata. Whatever ambiance you choose, whether indoors or outdoors, the view of the sunset by the lake is spectacular.

Ready to settle down and lead your best life by the lake? Get started with your search for a lake property with a trusted Realtor who knows Austin Lake like the back of his hand.