You may not know this, but Diamond Lake is the ultimate place to go for all your watersports needs in Oregon.

With a wide variety of rentals and activities available, there’s no excuse not to make it out here today and try the best watersports in Diamond Lake!

7 Must-Try Watersports in Diamond Lake

Whether you’re just visiting or living around the area, there are a handful of Diamond Lake watersports available for you to try. Here are the crowd favorites:

1. Waterskiing

Waterskiing has been a favorite around Diamond Lake for decades. Waterskiers are able to pull you along the lake at lightning speeds while also providing some of the best views in all of Oregon!

2. Sailing

Whether it’s out on the water or taking part in sailing lessons, there is no better place to try and learn how to sail than Diamond Lake.

With a gentle breeze most days of the year, it’s no wonder that many people choose watersports in the area as their go-to activity!

3. Windsurfing

If you want to take part in some serious wind sports, then windsurfing in Diamond Lake is your best bet.

With a wide variety of Diamond Lake rentals and lessons available, it’s easy to get out on the water or learn how to windsurf.

4. Kayaking

If you’re looking for a calmer Watersports in Diamond Lake, then kayak rentals are the way to go.

Whether it’s out on the water or taking part in lessons with an instructor, Kayaking in Diamond Lake offers the best deals.

5. Rafting & Tubing

Are you looking for something adventurous?

Rafting and tubing are two Diamond Lake watersports that are perfect for any adrenaline junkie.

With raft rentals available at very low rates, it’s easy to get out on the water or take part in an organized trip down the river!

6. Wakeboarding

Diamond Lake watersports wouldn’t be complete without wakeboarding.

For those who have been here before or are looking for a new experience to try out with friends and family, wakeboarding is the way to go!

Diamond Lake watersports deals are available throughout the year, but wakeboarding is definitely a must-try during the summer season.

7. Jet Skiing

Are you looking for Diamond Lake watersports that provide THAT thrill?

Then jet skiing is the way to go!

With jet skis available for rental or tours around the lake, it’s easy to get out on the water and feel like one of the pros!

There are so many things to do in Diamond Lake during your stay.

Whether you’re here looking for watersports or just trying to get away from everyday life, there is nothing better than spending time on this gorgeous lake with family and friends.

And if you decide to build a life in Diamond Lake and buy a lake home, get in touch with your local property expert, Paul Delano, to get the best deals that suit your budget and lifestyle.