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Best Boat Storage Marinas Near Diamond Lake

boat storage marinas near diamond lake

Diamond Lake in Cassopolis, MI, is one of the best water sports and activities locations in Southwest Michigan. People come from all over to spend a day on the waters of Diamond Lake. If you’re coming to experience its beauty, here’s a list of the boat storage marinas near Diamond Lake to check out for the best boating experience. 

Best Boat Storage Marinas near Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake in Cass County is over 1,000 acres in size. There’s plenty of water for different activities, but boating is one of the most popular. Over the years, Diamond Lake has experienced significant development along its shoreline. The increase in home development has led to more people moving to the area.

Aside from the beautiful lakefront properties, you can also find marinas on Diamond Lake. Here’s a list of the best marinas near Diamond Lake for your next visit:

Diamond Lake Marina

1120 Follett Drive – 269-445-2191

Diamond Lake Marina was the first full-service marina on Diamond Lake, and it’s been in operation since 1942. It is best known for providing safe storage for boats throughout the year. Diamond Lake Marina’s indoor and outdoor storage gives boat owners options depending on the season.

In addition to great storage options, Diamond Lake Marina has a selection of new and used boat lifts. They also have a team of well-trained and highly-experienced marine service technicians. You can be sure your watercraft is in great hands, whether for maintenance or repairs.

Park Shore Marina

22230 Maple Street – 269-362-2237

Park Shore Marina offers a variety of services for all kinds of customers in Diamond Lake. They offer boat storage, boat servicing, and boat rentals. You have plenty of options to choose from at reasonable prices! 

Aside from boating services, their store has marina products and supplies you may need. They also offer lakeside dining, perfect for unwinding after a long day of boating. 

Thorpe’s Marine & Service

62392 Kamp Kozy Street – 269-445-3176

Thorpe’s Marine & Service is a local boat storage company in Cass County. They provide storage services in Diamond Lake and its surrounding areas.

They are best known for their stellar boat storage services. People love Thorpe’s Marine & Service for the customer experience they provide. They offer hands-on assistance, from planning for storage to taking your boat out of the water. 

Ready to start living the lake life near Diamond Lake? Having a home in the area will ensure you always have a way to enjoy time on the lake.

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