Let the 900-acre body of water, Lake Templene, welcome you! Indulge in delicious food after a fun and challenging round of golf with family or friends. The golf course has an excellent 19th hole to enjoy after your game. You can also find a range of restaurants within three miles of the lake.

Let’s look at a few of them to get familiar with what they have to offer.

3 Great Restaurants around Lake Templene

1. Gibby’s on the Lake

23510 Island Hills Dr, Centreville, 49032 – 269-467-7900

Gibby’s on the Lake is seated right off the golf course. It offers lunch and dinner from Thursday to Sunday. You can enjoy your meal on the beautiful patio or fantastic outdoor area. Gibby’s outdoor space offers an excellent overlooking view of the lake. 

Diners love both the location and the food. Indulge yourself with their dinner menu served with two sides. They also have tacos, salads, burgers, and sandwiches.

2. Royal Cafe

701 E Main St, Centreville, 49032 – 269-467-4181

You have a few nice dining options just miles from Gibby’s. Let’s start with Royal Cafe. It is an American restaurant aiming to provide the best food at the best prices. They offer mouth-watering corned beef hash, omelets, and special pancakes for breakfast. They have five meals for lunch, including toasted turkey sandwiches, chicken wraps, and burgers.

You can still enjoy a royal dinner if you don’t have time to stop by for breakfast or lunch. Everyone loves the royal prime rib or fish special—all you can eat!

3. The Local Beer Cellar & Pizza Oven

116 W Main St, Centreville, 49032 – 269-467-3213

Less than a mile from Royal Cafe is a pizzeria and beer hall. It is a local favorite. Diners in The Local Beer Cellar & Pizza Oven can’t help but fall in love with their pizza and craft beer. The restaurant is a self-service pizza shop and beer hall. They have a wide variety of pizzas and an extensive beer list.

Treat yourself and drop by from Wednesday to Sunday, starting at 3 pm. If you can’t drop by, especially after an exhausting outdoor adventure, they deliver within a 12-mile radius. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

This man-made lake is slowly starting to grow a strong business community around it. It is an ideal vacation destination and a great place to stay upon retirement. 

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