Klinger Lake has been a top fishing and recreational destination for more than 150 years. Around the lake are various resorts and lodgings—complete with different amenities. This area has beautiful sites, great hiking trails, fine dining, and a fantastic golf course. 

Here’s a quick read if you are curious about a few more things to do in Klinger Lake. 

4 Things to Do Around Klinger Lake

Fernwood Botanical Garden

Location: 13988 Range Line Road, Niles – Phone Number: 269-695-6491

A garden is a perfect place for those who love nature. An hour away from Klinger Lake, the Fernwood Botanical Garden is a must-visit. It is a 105-acre site offering everyone a chance to enjoy the outdoors. The area protects around ten ecosystems and is a paradise for birders. 

Indulge yourself in nature while hiking the trails. Also, enjoy their arboretum, prairie, and cultivated gardens⁠. These include their Japanese garden, hardy fern collection, herb garden, perennial border, nature adventure garden, rain garden, railway garden, and other special collections. 

They also offer various workshops, classes, and programs for all ages!

Wellfield Gardens

Location: 1011 North Main St, Elkhart – Phone Number: 574-266-2006 x105

Wellfield Gardens is in the heart of Elkhart and is only 40 minutes away from Klinger Lake. It is only one-third of the Fernwood Botanical Garden’s size, but it will not fail to amaze. This themed garden attracts a diverse range of wildlife. Despite the smaller area, the site is a great place to observe various species. 

They also handle group tours, offer classes and educational programs, and have yoga sessions in the gardens! 

The 36-acre garden is half water, which has been the source of drinking water and hydropower since the mid-1800s. They have been the community’s primary source of drinking water, owning 13 active wells. 

Little River Railroad Steam Train

Location: 29 W. Park Ave., Coldwater – Phone Number: 260-316-0529

Enjoy a unique ride at the Little River Railroad Steam Train. It offers a scenic ride using historic steam-powered trains, giving you a glimpse of the past. For only $20 for adults and $13 for kids, you can start a fantastic ride to Quincy Park. Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time, as they don’t hold the train if you arrive late. This nostalgic and fun train ride is a must when in Klinger Lake.

Hoshel Canoe Park

Location: 19798 Hoshel Rd, Three Rivers – Phone Number: 269-467-5519

Stop by the newest park on Prairie River in Hoshel Canoe Park. The natural beauty and scenery the park offers are perfect and relaxing. Since it’s a new park, there are just a few tables and limited amenities. Still, the park is a great place to sit down and relax after a fun and exhausting tour. Indulge in its serene and peaceful ambiance. It is also an excellent place for canoeing and kayaking if you are up for the adventure.  

There is so much to do around the lake. It can also be the perfect place to live if you enjoy outdoor activities. I’ve been a lakefront home specialist for ten years! Contact me to get more information and a guide around the community.

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