Paw Paw Lake features an 11-mile shoreline and has become an ideal resort destination. No wonder a lot of sailing enthusiasts and anglers enjoy exploring the lake. Those new to the lake will need to prepare for their first trip. Finding a good marina is one of the essentials for taking your boat on the lake. The following boat launches around Paw Paw Lake can be perfect for first-timers looking to get out on the lake.

Boat Launches Around Paw Paw Lake

1. Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club

5099 Shoreview Dr, Coloma, 49038 – 269-468-6300

With a Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club membership, you can use their boat dock. The club offers a lot of parties and fun events, such as yacht racing and sailing lessons for all ages. Aside from their events, Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club is a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon near the lake.  

2. Paw Paw Lake Boat Launch East

5778 N Watervliet Rd, Watervliet, 49098

On the east side of the lake is Paw Paw Lake Boat Launch East. It is an excellent public area with a ramp to tie your boat off. Getting in and out of the water is also very simple with its concrete launching spot. It has a public bathroom with parking spots. The water is relatively calm, making it pleasant to go fishing — plus, you get a great view of the lake.

 3. Paw Paw Lake Boat Ramp

4643 Wil-O-Paw Dr #4585, Coloma, 49038

On the opposite side, a boat owner can take advantage of the area’s boat ramp. Paw Paw Lake Boat Ramp is in 4643 Wil-O-Paw Dr #4585, Coloma, 49038. It has a bathroom and parking. It is a great place to hit the lake, and the boat dock is free. The ramp is nicely paved and friendly enough for boaters to go in and out of the water. Paw Paw Boat Ramp is clean, quiet, and inviting, making it an excellent place to start your water adventure.

4. Sunset Park

8638 Lake Ave, Watervliet, 49098

The lovely Sunset Park is half a mile from Paw Paw Lake Boat Launch East. The docking area offers a magnificent sunset view — hence the name. The waters around it are perfect for a quick dip. The best part about the park is it isn’t very busy, making it an excellent spot for a quiet afternoon watching the sunset.

Paw Paw Lake offers different public docking locations for boat owners. The slowly growing region will become a great summer resort that has it all: sailing, fishing, boating, swimming, diving, restaurants, golf, beaches, and more! 

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