Discover the Best of Michigan’s parks around Cass County! Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, hunting, or other outdoor activities, Michigan’s Parks Around Cass County have something for everyone! Natural resources with trails and activities for all skill levels ensure your escape is only a short distance away.

Cass County Michigan parks are one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets, providing amazing experiences. Continue reading and be wowed by southwestern lower Michigan’s beauty!

Top 4 Most Visited Parks Around Cass County

Fred Russ Forest Park

Fred Russ Forest Park is 580 acres of scenic beauty and one of the most frequently visited parks in Cass County. There’s a lot to do at Fred Russ Forest Park, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or something relaxing. Picnic tables, playground equipment, boating, a horseshoe pit, and a kayaking landing are some of the activities you can’t miss! There are also 4 miles of trails for horse riding and cross-country skiing in the wintertime!

West Harmon County Park

Harmon Park West is located on West Cape Drive, approximately 0.10 miles south of Water Cress Way on the Shavehead peninsula. It provides a boat launch approach to Shavehead Lake for freshwater swimming. It also offers a great spot for picnics with family and friends.

East Harmon County Park

East Harmon County Park has the best swimming spot to Shavehead Lake. The Shavehead Lake is accessible from Harmon Park East. However, like the West, it offers excellent picnic areas and fresh well water.

Lawless County Park

Lawless County Park is on Monkey Run Street, nine miles east of Cassopolis. This 820-acre forest sanctuary is accessible all year and offers various activities. It is accessible via M-60 and Lewis Lake Road.

Ball fields, children’s playgrounds, and picnic shelters are available. You and your family can also enjoy fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, and much more!

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