Keeping your lakefront home safe is crucial, especially in the winter months. Cold weather can cause all sorts of damage to homes.

With heating costs increasing, this can be a concern for some homeowners. However, there are ways to prepare your lake home for winter.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Lakefront Home Safe

Inspect Your Roof, Walls, and Gutters

Regular cleaning of your gutters is important for keeping them clear and unobstructed. Sealing leaks and replacing broken roof tiles can weatherproof your home for winter.

Installing storm windows and new weather stripping can be another step. Weather stripping helps you reduce energy costs by 10 to 15 percent. On the other hand, storm windows decrease air movement and save one-third of energy costs. When combined, they can do a lot to reduce home heating costs.

Insulate Water Lines

Tubular foam pipe insulation is a smart way to insulate water lines. Exposed water lines can freeze and burst and cause flooding. One burst pipe can cause significant water damage. It is even more important if the home is empty during winter.

Ensure Your Heating System is Working Properly

Heating systems need to be inspected and cleaned regularly by HVAC professionals. Fireplaces and chimneys also need regular cleanings.

Set your thermostat to 68 degrees or below, especially when you’re not at home or are sleeping. Avoid using extension wires for space heaters, as they can be a fire hazard.

You should also manage the heating of your lake home when you are away. Leaving it too high will waste money, but you don’t want to turn it too low. If the temperature in the home gets too low, you increase the risk of burst pipes. A good rule of thumb is to leave your thermostat at 55 degrees when you are away.

Be Ready for Power Outages

Winter storms can cause power outages, so keep batteries handy. You may even want to invest in a generator to run portable heating systems. Make sure to turn off all appliances to be safe.

Live the Lake Life

The calmness and serenity that comes along with lakefront living are incredible. People love the beautiful views, enchanting scenery, and calming aura.

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