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Making the Most of Your Diamond Lake Vacation Home: Tips for Renting and Maintenance

diamond lake vacation home

Property neglect can cause damage to any home. A proactive approach can make maintenance easier and save money. A Diamond Lake vacation home is an investment, so maintenance should be a priority.

Here are some rental and maintenance tips to help you extend the life of your property. It can also help you manage your property as a rental.

5 Tips for Renting and Maintenance of Your Diamond Lake Vacation Home

Regular Inspection

Regular inspections can assist in detecting problems early. When you catch problems early, you can address the issue to avoid further damage. To start, you can perform some inspections yourself. For example, you can check the weather stripping around windows or look at the roof for old or cracked shingles. However, professional inspections will be necessary every few years. Certain issues require the eye of a professional. Hire professionals to inspect the roof, HVAC system, and foundation. Have professionals clean and inspect the chimney every year if you have a fireplace.

Landscaping Plays a Vital Role

Landscaping can add that ultimate curb appeal to your vacation home. Renters will notice well-kept landscaping to help your property make a better impression. Prevent pest infestations and improve drainage, sidewalks, and foundation slipping. You could also create outdoor features to attract renters. Features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and dining areas can be attractive.

Understand Pricing

You want to turn a profit if you rent your vacation home out. At the very least, it should cover the cost of renting it out, plus a little extra. That means you will need to manage the prices. You need to maximize the price while not overcharging. Look at similar rentals in the area and see what they charge. You also need to remember that rates change with the seasons.

Tips to Keep a Comfortable Home

Making your home comfortable and convenient can go a long way. Guests will appreciate having paper products, utensils, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. A full kitchen with cookware and appliances can also be a nice touch. You can also keep your belongings in a separate, locked space to ensure safety and privacy.

Also, having several days worth of towels and fresh linens will make a great impression on short term tenants.

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