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Pet Care Centers near Diamond Lake MI

pet care centers near diamond lake

Pets can offer much more than companionship. A good pet can improve your health and your moods. For some, their pets offer therapeutic benefits along with great company. Since our pets do so much for us, we must ensure they have the care they need. With the pet care centers near Diamond Lake, you can pamper your pets and make sure they have the necessary care.

Let’s check out what the two best pet care centers in the area offer.

2 Petcare Centers Near Diamond Lake

Bergman Veterinary Medical Center

906 E State St – 269-445-3841

Bergman Veterinary Medical Center is the town’s go-to pet clinic. This veterinary practice provides diagnostics and excellent care for our furry friends. With 100 years of helping animals, they are a fixture in the community. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday. Clients can also call for emergency care on Saturdays.

Here is the clinic’s specialty.

  • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)
  • Extracapsular Repair Techniques – for cranial cruciate ligament tears
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)
  • Angular Limb Deformity Correction
  • Pelvic and Long Bone Fracture Repair

Clipper Creations Pet Salon

109 N Fulton St – 269-445-3432

Clipper Creations Pet Salon has you covered for complete pet grooming services. This family-owned and operated salon takes pride in the excellence of its service. They are great at establishing long-term relationships with clients and their pets. With outstanding service from friendly professionals, their clients keep coming back.

Pet care is necessary for keeping pets healthy and looking good. Visits to the vet and groomers are necessary, but there is work you should do on your own. If you are a beginner, here are the things to remember when raising a pet.

  • Give them healthy food.
  • Provide fresh drinking water 24/7.
  • Create a cozy place for rest and sleep.
  • Let your pets go out for bathroom breaks regularly.
  • Bring them out for regular exercise.
  • Visit the veterinarian regularly.
  • Maintain a record of vaccines. 

Between these two places, you should be able to cover all your pet care needs near Diamond Lake. They both have built a strong reputation for providing excellent care.

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