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Renovate Your Lake Home to Boost its Value

renovate your lake home

Renovating your lake home can be both exciting and overwhelming. And yet, the promise of increasing your home’s value is quite rewarding. But which home remodeling projects bring in the highest return? Let’s discover home projects to boost your lake home value. 

Top 4 Renovations to Boost Lake Home Value

Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling continues to be one of the top projects for return on investment. Nothing beats a charming and well-maintained exterior. After all, this is the first part of the house everyone sees before coming in. Let it greet you and your guests pleasantly as they approach the home. Aesthetics aside, it also offers several advantages, including indoor protection.

Garage Door Replacement

Upgrading the garage door is an inexpensive upgrade that delivers a significant return. It plays a vital role in visual design and function if you choose to have an attached garage. This project has a whopping 93% return on investment, which is second only to exterior remodeling.

Manufactured Stone Siding

Manufactured stone siding sits close to the garage door replacement. A 2022 study showed a promising 91% return on investment. This is an excellent practical renovation since stone siding is durable. It also adds to the home’s aesthetics with a unique and beautiful appearance.

Kitchen Remodeling

Minor kitchen remodeling is among the top four factors to boost your home’s value. With a 71% return, eyeing this part of the house for improvement is not bad. It adds more functionality for increased storage and comfort. Improving the look and function of the kitchen makes this upgrade so attractive. 

Check out this  2022 data about cost and value once you have completed renovations on these parts of the home. The table will help you find a few more renovations you can do to increase value. 

The data consistently shows two main factors that buyers always keep a close eye on. Buyers are usually more inclined to buy a home with an attractive exterior and a functional kitchen. 

Now that you have the data, getting a reliable contractor is your next goal. Check out contractors with many reviews and high ratings from past clients. Getting someone with a proven record, excellent customer feedback, and a license will help you execute the project smoothly. 

I’ve been a lakefront home specialist for ten years! My background equipped me to assess properties effectively, and I have a great marketing strategy with proven results. I also maintain a substantial database of buyers eyeing lake home properties. Count me in if you plan to upgrade your home for a higher resale value.

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