Are you into discovering nature? The Russ Forest County Park combines forestry study with a location of natural beauty. There are many things to do at Russ Forest County Park that are suitable for outdoor forest activities.

Different types of visitors visit Russ Forest, Country Park. If you are looking for a shady area for a picnic lunch, this place is a must! You will also see people who are passionate about forest management. College students conducting independent study projects are among the visitors to the Forest. Researchers and teachers also come to work in the old-growth forest stands, as do casual visitors who want to admire the old-growth trees and wildflowers.

Top 4 Things to Do at Russ Forest County Park

Cass County Park

The Cass County Parks Department has a lease on the 12-acre roadside park. Parking, restrooms, picnic area, barbecues, and various shelters are available for special events are just a few services. Moreover, the Parks Department keeps open forest paths available for people on foot or in non-motorized transportation.

Maple Syrup Manufacturing

The Volinia Outreach School houses over 90 high school-age students. The school maintains the Marcellus Education District on the forest property it rents. The school built a structure for manufacturing maple syrup by extracting sap from the trees. It offers sugar bush tours during class times.


People are permitted to bow hunt during deer season. The forest office kiosk provides hunting-related information. At the kiosk, hunters must sign in and out each day. Because there are only certain areas in the Forest where hunting is allowed, maps can be found at the kiosk.

Nature Reserves

The park has 280 acres of MSU-designated areas under many classifications. There are areas where only strolling on the paths is allowed. There are also regions where dead and damaged trees are saved, and this is where you’ll see a lot of wildflowers. It is, however, prohibited to dig up or take wildflowers. All zones are left to cultivate large, sound trees.

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