Decorating your home is very exciting. It’s very exciting to have your space exactly as you want it. But do you feel secure leaving it? If you don’t, secure your lakefront home with a few measures. Security should always be a top priority. Let’s check out what we need to do to ensure a secure home when you’re away. 

6 Must-Do to Secure Your Lakefront Home

Secure the Doors

Don’t give burglars a chance to break in into your home quickly. Here are a few reinforcements that are highly recommended.

  • Install a deadbolt on all exterior doors, all with a strike plate.
  • Opt for smart locks.
  • Add a video doorbell to boost security.

Light up the landscape

Keep burglars at bay by installing outdoor lighting. They don’t like being in the spotlight. Thus, installing motion-activated solar lights outside your home would be wise. It would also be better to put outdoor lights on a timer to save energy. 

Security System

Ensure you have everything set up, such as a security camera and alarm system. Also, put a little extra such as carbon monoxide and smoke monitoring. Either choose a DIY security system or one professionally installed; both work perfectly fine. 

Remove Hiding Places

While bushes and shrubs look great on your lawn, they offer burglars a handy hiding spot. Avoid having these near your house, giving your security cameras better coverage. Adding security signs and stickers is also a great addition to securing your home.

Get a Safe

When everything else fails, at least store valuable items in the safe — giving burglars a hard time. Choose a safe that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy enough for burglars to have difficulty getting away with it. Buy a safe that has two locks to add more security. Additionally, secure the safe to the framing of an interior wall. This will make it too difficult for a thief to consider taking.

Home Automation

A home automation system gives you remote access to control your home’s security features — lights, door locks, smoke alarms, security cameras, and other devices. A real-time alert lessens a burglar’s chance of invading your home successfully. 

Nothing feels safer than securing your home, especially if you are away. It would be best to comb through your home and ensure all doors and windows are locked before leaving — especially your garage. The garage is becoming a popular entry-points for burglars. Always put away stools and ladders.

Live the Lake Life

The calmness and serenity that comes along with lakefront living are incredible. The beautiful views, enchanting scenery, and calming aura are the best package one can have. 

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