Located outside Three Rivers, Corey Lake is shared by St. Joseph County and Cass County, Michigan. Home to Camp Eberhart and Camp Wakeshma, its surroundings are perfect for camping, trekking, and fishing. The lake has a unique natural beauty. Its tranquility blends well with its surrounding villages. Every year, tourists from all over the country visit the lakes in Southwest Michigan to enjoy its relaxed environment.

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure with family, this article outlines some of the best attractions in Corey Lake.

Attractions in Corey Lake

Corey Lake Orchard

Run by the Hubbard family for over 50 years, Corey Lake Orchard is a place you shouldn’t miss visiting. Visitors can buy locally grown produce like strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. The Orchard also sells bread and pastries, cider, and their own distilled brandy. In 2014, Corey Lake Orchard received a People’s Choice Award for “Best Place to Buy Fruit” in Southwest Michigan. So if you are looking for delicious fruit, Corey Lake Orchard is where you get the best and freshest!

Meyer Broadway County Park

Meyer Broadway County Park is a wide-open park with a great range of outdoor recreational activities. You can hike along its open and paved trails for hours. Also, you can grill and have picnics with the family while the kids enjoy the playground. It has a volleyball court, a world-class disc golf course, and a dog park. The county’s park is also open for cross-country skiing during winter. If you want something different for the weekend, head down to Meyer Broadway County Park at 59475 County Park Drive, Three Rivers, Michigan. It offers a wonderful time for the entire family.

Spirit Springs Sanctuary

Spirit Springs Sanctuary is a natural reserve home to various animals like turtles, waterfowl, and occasionally beavers. The swampy forest has diverse, beautiful flora with springtime ferns and marsh marigolds carpeting the landscape. Growing in damp locations is the lovely Virginia bluebell. Many other spring wildflowers grow all over the place, making it a springtime attraction.

Southwest Michigan and its surrounding area are destinations you have to check out. With the natural beauty and peace, the region is also an ideal place to settle down or have a home away from home.

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