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Top-Rated Restaurants near Diamond Lake MI 

restaurants in diamond lake

Home to Diamond Lake, Cass County is never short of fun things to do. If it’s your first time in Diamond lake and you need to get a meal, check this list and discover the top-rated restaurants near Diamond Lake before heading out for lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

Diamond Lake Restaurants never fail to deliver what you crave from breakfast to lunch. This list will help you find the next banquet table for your family and friends, from casual burgers and barbeques to succulent steaks and seafood.  

Broadway Cafe

This old-school diner offers a hearty breakfast that would make you feel at home. Their genuine service makes them the top Greek restaurant in Cassopolis. The caring, welcoming staff and owners add more delight to their excellent menu. Broadway Cafe even serves vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. So if you are looking for a taste of home, head down to 158 S Broadway St. in Cassopolis and experience the Broadway Cafe

Doublewide Bar

Located in the islet in Diamond Lake, this bar should be on your list for your next dinner venue. Surrender to the night sky canopy for your dining experience at the Doublewide! Feast on their delectable menus with your family and friends, along with the friendly crowd of locals. All with the backdrop of the breathtaking view of Diamond Lake. So if you are up for a night full of fun, go to Doublewide Bar and enjoy the night out. 

Porky’s Party Place and Gas Station

Reasonable price, friendly staff, and great food are the words people use to rate Porky’s! If you’re looking for some great fried chicken, Porky’s is your place in Cassopolis. Porkys also has a great selection of pizza, so you may have to come back to Porky’s for seconds! How about a fill-up and a to-go order if you can’t dine in? Porky’s about covers it all!

George’s Cafe

Another gastronomic jewel in Cassopolis is George’s Cafe. George’s offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery services. Its exterior may not be much, but wait until you get inside, where hospitality, a friendly staff, and a unique atmosphere are what define George’s Cafe. You may be surprised to be sitting next to the vault as the place used to be an old bank. The beach theme decor of George’s Cafe adds a more relaxing feel to its already unique atmosphere. 

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