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What to See in Niles, Michigan 

what to see in niles michigan

Niles is a city in Berrien County in Southwestern Michigan. It was situated along the St. Joseph River, 22 miles north of South Bend, Indiana. Niles played a big part in the Underground Railroad movement and became a staging point that helped slaves escape to freedom from the south. Wondering what to see in Niles? Here’s a short list and a bit of history of the city.

City of Four Flags

Niles is also known as “the city of four flags.” It was once controlled by the nations of France, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States. 

This makes the city significant in the development of the Great Lakes region. There are several notable historical landmarks in and around the city. This article lists some of the points of interest to look for when you visit Niles, Michigan. 

Fort St. Joseph

Fort St. Joseph is a fort located on the south side of Niles. It stands on land granted to the Jesuits Missionaries by King Louis XIV. They made the fort to protect the Jesuit Missionaries that settled in the area. 

It was one of the earliest European settlements in the western Great Lakes area. It stood as a silent witness to the development of the entire region. 

Niles Scream Park

Do you like haunted houses? Niles is home to Niles Scream Park. Niles Scream Park is a non-profit community project powered by 150-200 volunteers. Volunteers come from different local organizations like the Boy Scouts Group and other civic groups. 

For many years, Niles Scream Park has been a mainstay on the 31 Must-see Haunted Attractions by Haunted Attraction Magazine. So if you’re in for a lung-busting scream for a night, drop by Niles Scream Park and have a great scream!

Fernwood Botanical Garden

Situated on the St. Joseph River, Fernwood Botanical Garden is for all nature lovers. It comprises 105 acres of 10 protected ecosystems. Visitors can walk along pathways through the gardens. There is also a lounge area for reading and bird watching. Fernwood has a reconstructed prairie, different gardens, and an arboretum. Fernwood Botanical Gardens is a very relaxing place to visit.

Barron Lake

Located in Cass County, Michigan, Barron Lake is 199 acres in size with a depth of up to 56 feet. The lake is spacious enough for your water activities and small enough for a relaxed, peaceful ambiance. 

The lake is ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding. Residents around the lake have implemented Anti-Noise Ordinances to keep the noise down throughout the community. It’s a restful oasis in Southwest Michigan.

The City of Niles, Michigan, is rich in history and has a promising future. Are you looking for a home in Niles, Barron Lake area? Both are located 2 hours east of Chicago and only 30 minutes from Notre Dame. If so, please give us a call. We’ve been selling lake homes in the region for years and can help you find the perfect home.


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