Located in Cass County, Michigan, Baldwin lake is a good destination if you’re into outdoor activities — camping, fishing, and hiking. The area’s beautiful landscape is tempting for people who enjoy the outdoors. There are several trails around Baldwin Lake calling you to go on a hike. This article will look into where you can go hiking near Baldwin Lake.

Where Can You Go Hiking near Baldwin Lake

Cass County Park

Cass County Park has the best trails for an adventurous hike with the family. It has three great hiking trails for biking and running. The first trek you must try is the T.K. Lawless Singletrack. Try the T.K. Lawless Scenic loop to level up, especially the trail 4 and 5 loops. Leave the kids to the T.K. Lawless Trail 5 Loop, as it is the easiest to traverse.

Fred Russ Forest Park

This forest park has a remarkable quality that mixes research and recreation well.

Fred Russ Forest Park is open to the public by foot and non-motorized vehicles only. The 13-acre park has a 4-mile track available for hiking and biking. This track is also perfect for cross-country skiing during winter. Dowagiac Creek is in the middle of all of it, renowned among anglers for being the best site for brown trout.

T.K Lawless Park

Suppose a quiet and straightforward countryside suits your hiking needs, then Dr. T.K. Lawless Park is the best site for you. The park was designated as an International Dark Sky Park and is known for having a bright night sky twinkling with stars. It boasts many natural sites for you to witness, and the landscapes become prettier when layered with winter snow. The park has 7 miles of hiking trails,10 miles of mountain biking trails, and it has 7 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails for all levels to try.

A Hiking trail for the whole family

Hiking trails around Baldwin lake promise an easy route with a delightful view. Bring your children and the whole family to experience the unique Cass County atmosphere.

Cass County’s Baldwin Lake is a place of natural wonder and exceptional beauty. Its many parks and hiking trails provide fresh air and relaxing scenery for families to enjoy.

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